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General Sale Terms and Conditions



By placing an order with us you agree in full to all the following terms and conditions. All sales are covered by the following T&Cs. Additional T&Cs may apply to individual items and will be stated on the item pages or communicated during the sale process. All terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. 


Order confirmation, cancellation and changes

Orders are not confirmed until full payment or an agreed deposit has been made - whichever is stated on your invoice. If the full payment or deposit has not been received by the due date (stated on the invoice) your order will be cancelled. If a deposit has been paid, the remaining balance must be paid by the stated due date. You may pay the balance in instalments if you wish. If you fail to pay the remaining balance by the due date, your order may be cancelled. We will attempt to contact you to arrange payment to avoid this wherever possible. If the balance is more than 7 days overdue the order will automatically be cancelled and any amounts paid forfeited as per our cancellation policy below. 

All relevant amounts and payment due dates will be clearly stated on your invoice as well as communicated during the final ordering process. If there are any concerns or confusion please get in contact for clarification. It is your responsibility to adhere to payment schedules. 


All deposits are non-refundable. 


Changes to an order, including cancellation can be made up until the full balance is paid. Once the full balance is paid the order is considered finalised. Once the order has been finalised any changes will incur a fee. Change of order fees are calculated at a rate of 10% of the total order and must be paid before any changes will be made. Changes requested within 5 days of the booked date are not guaranteed and are subject to our availability and current workloads. 


Date changes may be requested with 2 or more weeks' notice and are subject to our standard availability. An additional deposit may be required to secure the new date.

Cancellations within two weeks of the booked date will be charged 50% of the total order and;

Cancellations made within 5 days of the booked date will not be refunded. 




Any refunds payable will be processed within 24 hours to your original payment method. The funds are usually available within 2-5 business days after we initiate a refund however, may take up to 14 days depending on the payment method used. If you haven't received your refund within 14 business days, please get in contact so we can assist you swiftly. 


Refunds may incur a transaction fee depending on the original payment method used. Unfortunately, some of our payment gateways do not refund the transaction fee charged to us. For this reason, when refunding any monies paid we can only refund the total amount paid minus any fees directly associated with the transaction that we cannot recover. These fees vary based on the transaction amount and payment method used but are between 1.75% and 6% of the order total. This policy only applies to certain payment methods and only when a full refund is requested by you. We will notify you If this applies to you before completing a refund. We encourage you to create a store credit to use towards a future order to avoid losing the transaction fee (see below). If a refund is initiated by us and not at your request, we will refund the full amount including the fee. 

Payments made via cash or bank transfer are not subject to any transaction fees and can be refunded in full. 

Store Credit


Store credit is any payment you have made to us that we hold on behalf of you as a result of a cancelled order when you have chosen to not receive a refund. We hold this credit so you avoid the loss of any transaction fees associated with your original payment.  All store credit must be used within 3 months of the credit date unless explicitly stated by us. Store credit must be used in one transaction unless otherwise stated by us. Any credit that remains after 3 months (or the otherwise stated expiration date) will be forfeited. You may request a full refund (subject to our standard refund policies above) at any time before the credit expiration date if you no longer wish to use our store credit option. 

If you request store credit for a cancelled online order, you will receive the store credit as a coupon code that can only be redeemed towards another online sale that is of the same or greater value than the original order. You cannot split a store credit coupon across multiple orders unless explicitly stated by us. 

Faulty or damaged products

Due to food health and safety, we cannot accept returns of our goods after they have left our premises or once delivery is made.


If there is a genuine error in your order (incorrect order/flavours etc) or you have received a product that is of unsatisfactory condition (damaged during delivery, spoiled food products) contact us immediately and we will do everything within our capacity to rectify this issue as soon as possible. All goods must be kept refrigerated below 5ºC and must not be left unrefrigerated for longer than 4 hours before consumption. Products are best consumed within 48 hours of pickup/delivery. 


We cannot be held responsible for damage to your order or any illness caused as a result of incorrect transport or storage AFTER it has left our care. 


Dietary Concerns


Cakes by Drew supplies Nut, Egg, Dairy and/or Gluten-free products for sale. While every care is taken to produce a safe product with the strictest of food safety policies applied, there is a risk of cross-contamination due to all products being prepared and stored in one kitchen. As a result, Cakes by Drew cannot and does not guarantee a 100% allergen-free product and cannot be held liable for any illness caused by an intolerance/allergic (or otherwise) reaction after consuming our products. Persons with anaphylaxis, coeliac or other intolerances consume our products at their own risk.


Pickup & Delivery

Your order is designated a delivery window or you select a specific pickup time. We offer this time in 15-minute blocks during our business hours. Please make yourself available and ready to receive/collect your order at the specified place and time. It is your responsibility to contact us if you become unavailable or need to reschedule for any reason. We will always do our best to accommodate your needs. 




We plan and schedule our day based on your selected delivery and pickup times. Because of this, we are not available onsite at all times. If you do not arrive at your scheduled pickup time (and have not notified us beforehand), we may not be present or available. Similarly, if you arrive after business hours and are late for pickup, we will be unavailable until the next business day. In the event we are not present due to an uninformed late pickup, you will need to arrange a new pick up time subject to our availability. 


We will attempt to contact you once using the primary contact method provided to us and hold all orders for a maximum of 24 hours after the scheduled date. We reserve the right to resell any items (where appropriate) after this time without contacting you again. Due to the perishability of our products, you will not be able to collect an order after 48 hours from the date it is made as all orders are made fresh to order with your specific pickup/delivery time in mind. 


Refunds will not be given if you fail to collect your order. 


Cakes by Drew will not be held responsible and no refund will be issued for any loss, damage or deterioration to your order, disruption or loss to events or any other inconvenience caused as a result of a no-show/late pickup.



We are unable to specify an exact delivery time, as all deliveries are performed together between 9 am-11 am. Most deliveries occur before 10 am. 


If no one is present or able to receive the delivery we will not proceed with the delivery. Any items not delivered are to be collected from our kitchen during our normal pick-up hours. We're unable to reattempt delivery at another time. We will contact you promptly to notify you that delivery was not possible. We cannot be held responsible for an undelivered item due to you providing us with an incorrect address, date or time. The responsibility falls to you to arrange collection and your delivery fee is forfeited. 


If "no contact" delivery is requested, we will leave the order in a safe location near the front door (unless instructed otherwise). We cannot be held responsible for any damage or spoilage that may occur to a product that is delivered and left as a “no contact” delivery.


We cannot be held responsible if you have not understood a product's description and/or availability. As part of our commitment, we will always clearly outline dates on our product pages where applicable. If you have any questions regarding the availability of a product please get in contact and we will be happy to clarify the details. 

Appendix 1 "Sale terms and conditions for website sales”


These are in addition to the general sale terms & conditions. If there is a conflict, the policy stated in this appendix will override the original. "Website sales" refer to any sale made and paid for online from


Orders placed online are considered finalised* as full payment is made at the time of booking.


Website sales may be cancelled up to 5 days before the booked date without any cancellation fees. You may request to change the pickup/delivery date or receive a full refund (as per our refund policies above).


Cancellations made within 5 days are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. 


Cancellations made within 48 hours of the booked date cannot be refunded. 

Cakes ordered online cannot be customised in any way outside of the preset options given.


Cakes ordered online cannot be modified after purchase. Cakes by Drew has created a wide selection of customisable cakes available to purchase online with simple and structured pricing offered at a reduced rate. For this reason, is it not possible to further customise or modify cakes after you have placed an order online. 

Website Coupons


We may offer discount coupons for website sales. These coupons apply to website sales only and cannot be used towards any other order unless specifically stated in writing by us. Coupon discount value or percentage will be clearly advertised. Coupons cannot be used with any other offer or discount offered by us. 

Loyalty Rewards (The bottomless Cake Box & Crumbs)


Cakes by Drew's new loyalty program (The Bottomless Cake Box) is designed to reward returning customers with discounts. For every $1 spent online, you will earn 1 point (crumb). We may from time to time offer bonus points to site members at our discretion. Points can be redeemed for discounts on future online orders at the value of 200 crumbs = $10. This loyalty program is exclusively for website sales and cannot be earned or redeemed with any sale outside of our website. To accumulate and redeem points, you must sign up and become a member. 


*Orders placed online are subject to our availability and are not always automatically confirmed. This is due to some technical issues which may result in orders being placed after we have already become fully booked, or are otherwise closed. While we make every attempt to avoid this, we may need to cancel an order placed online. You will receive notice of this as soon as possible and a full refund will be given. 

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