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Cakes, Cupcakes & More

Quickly order online for pickup or delivery from our wide selection of cakes below.

Choose your pickup/delivery date & time. If you are unable to select a date, we are most likely closed or booked out and it is unavalible for an online order.

View our colour palettes, flavour options and design gallery on the Inspiration Page (under the INFO menu tab).

Place an order by choosing the design below, then select your flavours and colour palette from the available options.

All cakes ordered online cannot be modified after purchase.

Any special requests will be considered but are not guaranteed.
Our T&Cs cover all sales made online.

You can contact us to place an order with expanded design and flavour options or if you'd prefer a more personal ordering experience. Got a question? Check the FAQs under the Info menu.

Celebration Cakes

Our deluxe range of customisable celebration cakes. Choose from a wide selection of designs, flavours and colours.

You can contact us to further customise these designs beyond the options presented here. Additional costs and lead times may apply.


Highly textured, colourful and contemporary designs, our Abstract range has evolved over time to become our signature cake design. Blending our favourite design elements in bold and exciting ways, this cake style is always unique and always a show stopper.

Abstract image


Highly textured, colourful and contemporary. The Confetti design is all about bright colours and is the perfect way to start the party! Includes design elements like sprinkles, gold leaf & florals.

Confetti image


Decadent vintage piped details with a distinct Cakes by Drew flair. An on-trend twist to our piped range of designs. Option to add deluxe extras.

Vintage image


Beauty and elegance are exemplified in this gorgeous cottage garden inspired design. Featuring pressed edible flowers grown & prepared in regional Queensland. Actual florals and placement will vary as each cake is uniquely designed. Choose from warmer or cooler floral tones.

Pressed image


Decadent abstraction, with modern piped details, distinctly from the Cakes by Drew Kitchen. Option to add deluxe extras (including meringues, macarons, florals, confection + more).

Piped image


A delicate and minimalist variation of our Impasto design using buttercream 'painted' onto the cake with a mixture of palette knife and paintbrush techniques. Finished with lustre dust and hand-dyed sprinkles.

Minimalist image


Stylised abstract floral designs using buttercream 'painted' onto the cake with a mixture of palette knife and paintbrush techniques. Abstract impressionist designs are more freeform paintings based on a particular flower/scene. (For the best results or for a more personalised design, contact us first to discuss your options! Impressionist "paintings" are not limited to flowers, additional costs may apply)

Please comment below a brief floral & colour description for your preferred cake design!

Impressionist image


Abstracted watercolour buttercream 'painted' over a textured base with a mixture of palette knife and paintbrush techniques. Highly textural and intricate detailing includes freeze-dried florals & fruits, hand-dyed sprinkles, paint splatter, gold leaf, edible textural mediums & dusts.

Expressionist image


Over-the-top and fun design perfect for kids (and big kids alike). Features watercolour buttercream, overflowing with patisserie, chocolate, confectionery and fruit!

Overloaded image


Modern and elegant design, featuring 'watercolour' buttercream with beautifully arranged luxe fresh florals, macarons, gold leaf, paint splatters and more.

Watercolour image


Impasto floral designs using thick buttercream 'painted' onto the cake with a mixture of palette knife and paintbrush techniques. Abstract designs, layered and swept across the cake, finished with lustre dust and hand-dyed sprinkles.

Impasto image


Minimalist and elegant design, featuring striking luxe fresh florals. Single-colour buttercream in a smooth, sharp finish. Choose between a Semi-naked or Fully Covered style. Our Minimalist Floral cakes are an example of simple beauty, where we allow the striking elegance of our premium flowers to shine alone by pairing back our signature style to expose the core elements of our cakes.

Florals image

No Frills Cakes

Our selection of no fuss cakes perfect for office parties, morning teas, birthdays or whenever you just need cake.

The same delicious flavours you've come to love without all the frills in a budget friendly design.

These cakes cannot be changed or modified in any way. Stated serving numbers are approximate, based on our standard "dessert size". Mini cake size pictured.

Very Vanilla

Vanilla cake, vanilla bean buttercream, rose petals.

Very Vanilla image

Strawberries & Cream

Vanilla cake, vanilla bean buttercream, creme patisserie, macerated
strawberries & rose petals.

Strawberries & Cream image

Raspberry & White Chocolate

Red velvet cake with raspberry compote, white chocolate ganache,
white chocolate buttercream & freeze-dried raspberries.

Raspberry & White Chocolate image

Lemon Meringue

Lemon cake, lemon curd, vanilla buttercream, toasted meringue.

Lemon Meringue image

Caramel Biscoff

Caramel cake, biscoff cookie buttercream, white chocolate ganache,
biscoff drizzle & cookie chunks.


Caramel Biscoff image

Salted Caramel Praline

Caramel cake, salted caramel sauce, caramel buttercream & praline.

Tree nuts


Salted Caramel Praline image

Apple Pie

Caramel cake, biscoff cookie buttercream, vanilla creme patisserie & spiced apple.


Apple Pie image


Chocolate cake, peanut butter buttercream, caramel sauce, crushed
peanuts and dark chocolate drizzle.


Snickers image

Double Choc Fudge

Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream & flaked

Double Choc Fudge image

Cookies & Cream

Chocolate cake, oreo buttercream, vanilla creme patisserie, white chocolate drizzle and Oreo cookie chunks.

Cookies & Cream image

Blueberry Matcha

Matcha (green tea) cake, white chocolate buttercream, white choc ganache, blueberry compote, fresh & dried blueberries.