Fathers Day DYO Cake Kit

Hello! Welcome to the DYO Abstract cake video.


Click "Play Video" below to watch the step-by-step instructions video accompanying your DYO cake kit (you will need to sign into the website to play the video). You can pause any time you need while you decorate your cake at home with me.


Below the video is a link to the entire script if you would like to read along.

This video and the DYO cake kits are trial products, so if you have any constructive feedback I would love to hear it.


Have fun and let's get decorating!

D.Y.O. Abstract Cake
Cakes by Drew

D.Y.O. Abstract Cake

ABOUT: Father's Day DYO Cake kits will include everything you and your kids need to easily decorate a showstopping cake in your own home! Each kit includes: A pre-assembled Cakes by Drew cake (Choose between Vanilla or Chocolate*) A tub of our signature vanilla buttercream Food colouring dyes Sprinkles 3 Macarons Father's Day cake topper by The Style Platform Access to our DYO Abstract Cake Video^ which will provide easy-to-follow visual and verbal instructions on how to decorate your cake in our signature Abstract style. You will be able to add the extra included decorations to customise the design specific to fathers day. You will need: Internet access to stream the video A free member's account on "www.cakesbydrew.com" Spoons & flat-bladed knives Two bowls for mixing Microwave Whisk & offset spatula (both optional) About 30-60 minutes The kit & video are designed to be easy and fun for both kids and adults alike. Younger children will require supervision/assistance. Pick up the DYO Cake Kit on Friday 2nd September between 3 - 6 pm. You are then able to decorate the cake anytime that suits you over the weekend. (Pick up on Saturday 3rd available by request) The cakes can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days, or frozen for 3 months after pickup.

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VIDEO SCRIPT: Hi. I’m Drew from Cakes by Drew and today I’m going to show you how to decorate a cake in my Abstract Style. First, we need to set up our workspace. Clean off a space in your kitchen, wash your hands with soapy water and put on your apron if you have one. Next, I want you to get all the tools you’re going to need: - 1 large bowl for mixing the buttercream - 1 or 2 smaller bowls for mixing - 1 large dinner plate 2 butter knives with a flat edge Several spoons. I’ve got myself 2 dessert and 2 tea spoons. If you have a whisk, large silicone spatular and an offset spatular, it’ll make some things a little easier but don’t worry if you don’t. I also have my turntable. If you don’t have one, you can use a lazy Susan or just a normal cake stand, but again, don’t worry if you don’t have these. It is perfectly okay to decorate the cake without one. Now, we're going to get out the pre made cake, tub of buttercream, pack of food dyes, piping bags, piping tip and any other extras from the DYO KIT. If your tub of buttercream is straight out of the fridge like mine, it is going to be too firm to use, so we need to soften it. The easiest way to do this is put it in the microwave in 10 second bursts, stirring in between each burst. I find about 40-50 seconds is enough but you will need to find what works best of you. Be careful not to melt the buttercream. If it is too runny it will not work. Look for a smooth, creamy texture. Similar to whipped cream or softened butter, like you can see in my video. Once you’ve softened the buttercream, scoop it out into a large bowl and whisk gently to evenly incorporate any remaining lumps. (If you don’t have a whisk, a large spoon is fine). Now, we’re going to mix our colours. For an abstract design, I like to use 5 different colours. You can choose any colours you want or you can do the same as me. I decided to use pale yellow, bright yellow, orange, pink and purple. If you want help choosing colours, checkout my selection of colour palettes at cakesbydrew.com/colour. Be careful when using the dyes as they might stain clothes and hands. Get 2-3 spoons of buttercream into a new, smaller mixing bowl. I like to use a small white bowl as it helps me see the colours better, but whatever you have is fine. Start by dropping 4-5 drops of colours at first, mix, and then add more drops as you need. Less drops for pale shades, more for brighter ones. Keep paying with the colours until you’re happy. Scoop up all the coloured buttercream and dollop it onto the plate. Repeat this step until you have 5 beautiful dollops of colourful buttercream on your plate. Now, set up your cake and keep your coloured buttercream close by. Get your knife and spoons. Pick a one colour, I’m using pale yellow. Get a knife (or an offset spatular if you have one) and using the flat side (back edge), scoop up some of the buttercream and gently smear it onto one part of the cake. We’re aiming to create a smooth patch of colour. Do this 2-3 more times so that you have patches all over the cake (but don’t cover the whole cake). Choose a new colour, I am using pink, and do the same thing. Overlapping the some of the patches of colour. There is no right or wrong way to do this, it is all about what you think will look good. Once you’re happy with the first two colours, or the undercoat, we can add more variety of textures and colours. Next I am using the orange. With a new, clean knife, take a big scoop of the buttercream like you’re about to butter some bread. Using the flat edge again, dollop onto a part of the cake and then in a smooth swipe, smear a thick, long line over the top. Keep adding the streaks until you are happy or use up all of the colour. I do around 6-7 all over the cake, some on the sides and some on top in different directions. Now, we’re going to use a teaspoon to add some thick blobs. Pick a new colour, I’m using bright yellow. With the back of the spoon, scoop up some of the buttercream. Press it down onto the cake and slide the spoon down towards you to create a short, thick smear. Keep adding the blobs, until you use up all of this colour. I like to do them in little clusters of 2 or 3. With the last colour, we’re going to dab little dots onto the cake. I am using the tip of my knife but you can also use anything the is small, like a chop stick or the handle of a spoon. Pick up a tiny little bit of buttercream. About the size of a pea and dab it onto the cake. Keep picking up small bits of buttercream and dabbing onto the cake until you’ve created a patch of spots that goes up over the sides and across the top. Make it wider in some places, thinner in others. You can make each dab different in size too but picking up more or less buttercream each time. I like to make one side wider with large dots and slowly get smaller and thinner as I go. Usually 2 or 3 patches of dots are enough. If you have any coloured buttercream left, you can use it up by adding some splotches. I had some pink and pale yellow left over so with the back of my spoon, I picked up one of the colours and dabbed in a few places over the cake, then did the same with the other one. I like the extra layers of colour and texture this adds. If you think any part of the cake is missing something, you can go back and repeat any of the steps before. To finish off the cake, I am going to sprinkle over some dried edible flowers over the splotches I just made. I am also going to add 3 little purple macarons and a Happy Birthday cake topper. You do not have to add anything, or you can use some or the sprinkles and dried flowers included in the pack. Another great option is a few cookies, chocolate bars or some fruit. Cut them in half and arrange them on top. When I am putting decorations on top of cakes I like to keep them contained in one third (if you imagine cutting the cake into 3 even slices, only put decorations on top of one of the slices). Congratulations! You’ve just finished decorating an abstract cake! If you’re not ready to eat it right now, put it back in the box and store in a fridge. Just bring it out an hour before you’re ready to eat it so it comes back to room temperature and the buttercream is nice and soft. Any buttercream that is left over can be kept in the fridge for 5 days or freezer for 3 months in an airtight container and reused. Thanks for joining me decorating this abstract cake. I hope you had fun and are proud of what you created! Be sure to come back and try out my different designs.